My breaking up with a Sugar Crush story…

It always started out with one of those yummy, steamy lattes. And not just the regular espresso shot with frothy milk latte. Oh no – that was too boring. I always tried the flavour of the month (or season). You know, the kind that came with flavoured syrups and usually with whipped cream and topping. Those were the ones that brought a much-needed “kick start “ to my mornings and carried me through the massive pile of emails, voice mails and a never-ending to-do list.

The mid-afternoon lows were another challenge to get through. Especially during long meetings as they would always come catered with decadent cookies or mouth-watering baked goods. These would become a huge distraction as I would first try to resist them…and resist some more, ending up focusing more on their presence than what the meeting was actually about.

The resisting only stimulated more intense sugar cravings, making them pretty much impossible to ignore.

And when I was stressed out or under extra pressure - that’s when it would all fall apart.

It was like my willpower was worn down from the lack of focus, stress and overwhelm which eventually lead me into a mindless moment of reaching for one, then two or three, of these irresistible sweet goodies.

I didn’t really think it was such a big deal that I ate and drank these lattes or baked goods every day, especially if they were artificially sweetened. With artificial sweeteners the bonus was fewer calories and things could still taste delightfully sweet. Besides, I was always super active and ate healthy with everything else – I felt that I deserved to have my daily sweet treats to get me started and carry me to the end of my busy days.

I didn’t realize that with this constant feeding of my sweet tooth I was not only creating the crazy cycle of bigger sugar cravings, but I was also creating other issues with my health and well-being.

My sugar addiction was feeding into my gut issues which included over growth of candida, inflammation and constant digestive upset. And then if that wasn’t enough….I eventually developed a huge body rash (NOT cool for dating), I was developing allergies that included a perpetual runny nose (also NOT cool for attracting a hottie), I couldn’t think clearly (NOT great for the career) and it seemed like I was exhausted ALL of the time (NOT great for enjoying life, period!)

I knew I had to make a change so I began to try everything to kick this sugar addiction. Cutting down on how much sugar I was consuming in a day, then eliminating it every few days completely, using artificial sweeteners and low sugar replacements everywhere I could, then going for several days and sometimes even weeks without sugar. But it would never really last beyond a few weeks. Something would always come up and my willpower would crumble, pushing me back into a mindless sugar binge where I wasn’t even enjoying what I was tasting.

I was tired, overwhelmed and so incredibly frustrated and ready to try absolutely anything that would just finally help me to feel better, but I didn’t know what that anything was. I was on the verge of giving up hope.

Then I started looking into alternative medicines. I started to research the mind-body connections to do with sugar addictions. I read some books and took a class that really focused on my emotional and mental balance, along with the physical symptoms that were showing up in my body. The emotional and mental balance techniques were the secret key that I was missing.

I was so intrigued with how my sugar cravings seemed to totally melt away. And with that, my body started changing, my skin cleared up, my digestion improved and my whole mindset was shifting and healing.

Each day I was getting better and better.

Then I became obsessed and started to take more and more classes and started offering out some of my learnings to other people. Once I started helping people, it seemed like all the women I talked to had some sort of health issue that was linked to a sugar issue. With over 17 years of experience and learning, I’ve taken so many certified courses now that I could fill a full set of encyclopedias (note - that’s what we used before Wikipedia for you young ones!)

As a sugar addiction specialist, I would like to share with you my easy to follow solution to taming your inner sugar addict.

I have put together a 30 Day, 3 Steps to Breaking Up with Your Sugar Crush Program so that you can easily step into a life free of constant sugar cravings and mindless sugar binges that is creating your digestive upset, low energy and brain fog.

Yes! This is possible as I’ve been there and done this, and I can show you how to do the same.

You can skip the years of trial and error, along with the thousands of hours and dollars it takes to learn all about this. I’ve condensed it into the top key pieces you need in order to make this happen for you, so you can get on with your days feeling happier, stronger and more confident knowing that you don’t have to worry about getting addicted to sugar again.

Beyond the sugar addiction – additional tidbits about me:

I grew up on an acreage near a small Albertan city and once I completed my Bachelor of Commerce Degree I was ready to conquer the corporate world and get to the big city. Determined to learn all I could I went straight for the big guns: Pepsi, Disney, Microsoft, Kraft and eventually Loblaws/Real Canadian Superstore head office - all before having kids and doing a 180° turn into helping women with their sugar addictions.

Travel has also been a big part of my life. I have lived in many different places throughout 3 different continents, travelled extensively and have currently set my deepest roots closer to family in a wonderful small town in Alberta, Canada. It’s a fantastic place to raise my 3 awesome, creative kids, with my science and nature loving husband, and middle aged Schnoodle - who barks protectively at anyone who breaches our property boundary, yet is terrified of the Google Home “lady.”

I love the sunshine and great outdoors, preferably in the summer so I can hike, bike, paddle board or swing my racquet around to play what I call tennis. If the winter isn’t too cold (anything below -10C I’m “on the fence”, and it’s a solid NO if it’s windy), I just might be snowshoeing or cross country skiing - these are definitely my first picks, but most likely I’m at a hockey rink cheering on my kids like a good Canadian hockey mom does.

I’m a terrible gardener and kill most plants. Thankfully my husband has a green thumb as I really enjoy my small backyard summer oasis so much and do all my reading, emailing, talking on the phone so all the neighbours know what’s going on in my made up room outside. I even keep a sleeping bag handy in case it gets too cold. That’s summer in Alberta - come visit, then you’ll understand!

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