Does this sound like you?

You are doing so well with trying to quit or reduce sugar and suddenly you are standing among the crumbs of those pastries you found leftover in the lunchroom.

Or, when things get stressful with too much pressure, you do anything to get your hands on your favourite sweet treats.

You feel like you have no willpower and are on a constant crazy rollercoaster with trying to resist the sweets around you.

Have you had enough and find nothing’s working to help quit this constant spin with sugar?

I specialize in assisting corporate women with

getting rid of their sugar addictions, without having to give up chocolate!  

I do this by addressing the blocks throughout their mind-body connections.

If you are ready to…

> stop those crazy sugar cravings in their tracks

> take control of your afternoon snacks

> have naturally higher energy levels

> have better digestion and overall health

…then you’ve arrived at the right place!

Go from feeling

frustrated, overwhelmed and exhausted

with the back & forth with sugar, to feeling

strong and confident, knowing that you’ve got this,

because you no longer have a sugar addiction!

This 30 Day Breaking Up with your Sugar Crush Program addresses the whole mind-body process with a step-by-step system that can be easily applied in your already busy schedule.

Hi there!

I’m so glad that you have found me. I’m Paige and believe me when I tell you that I totally get where you are coming from with trying to make a lasting change with no longer needing sugar.

During most of my career as a high energy corporate go-getter I was constantly struggling with a sugar addiction. I’m talking years here! I was always using sugar as the “pick-me up” excuse and daily “treat“ to get me through those endless busy days.

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Are you ready to finally take control

and BEAT that sugar addiction?

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