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The 5 Most Common Underlying Emotions

Behind a Sugar Crush!

Do you have a favourite sweet drink or “snack” that is your go-to when you are needing an emotional pick-me-up?

Are there certain feelings that have you automatically reaching for this “Sugar Crush” of yours?

And when you’re at work and these certain feelings happen to surface, even if you’ve tried your best to “resist”, do they wear you down enough that you eventually relent to your Sugar Crush callings?

When it comes to processing certain feelings, and especially during a busy day at work, it can definitely be easier to push those heavy feelings down and replace them with a much more enjoyable Sugar Crush.

A tasty treat can give you that bit of motivation to press on, as it triggers the release of the happy hormones into your bloodstream. And really, who wouldn’t want more happy feelings that dopamine delivers?

Well, if you are wanting to work on reducing your sugar consumption and improving your gut health, this is one area to look more closely at:

How you are feeling when you typically reach for your Sugar Crush!

You see, by knowing and becoming more self-aware of what feelings trigger the response of reaching for your Sugar Crush you are now one step closer to making a change.

By bringing it closer in your awareness it is easier now to catch yourself before you are full blown into your Sugar Crush binge. You may still find yourself consciously deciding to go for it and the next moment finds yourself at the other end of three rows of cookies. Or…you begin to find other things that also fire off those endorphins and get you to that happier feeling place again.

To help you with this first step of increasing self-awareness around your feelings here are 5 of the most common underlying emotions that can lead you to your next emotional sugary indulgence.

1) Overwhelm - Also known as stressed out, overloaded and exhausted. When you are feeling so overwhelmed and working like a robot on autopilot you are most likely working your guts out and things are coming at you from 𝐀𝐋𝐋 directions! Ahhhhh! You need to grab onto something to anchor you. Something that will bring you back to yourself and out of the chaos.

2) Bored and Need a “Pick me Up” – On the other side of overwhelm is boredom. You know - those uninspiring projects and repetitive tasks that still need to get done? There is just no fun to be had, so you have to add in your own fun, or spark, just to carry yourself through to their completion.

3) Worried or Anxious – This usually shows up when you are unsure about the process or outcome of something. It’s when you feel like you can’t trust the flow of things – maybe a new project or working with new people. Feeling uneasy might have you pacing through the office with all that anxious or worried energy – looking for something that can calm you down and help you feel better.

4) Anger / frustration – Your colleague lost the presentation, someone on your team quit, there’s another glitch in that overdue project, all the problems, problems, problems. It has you steaming and stewing and wanting to “chew” things apart.

5) Sad / depression – Any chance of moving departments or up the ladder is hopeless. You lost the bid and now company morale is down, the only other colleague you “liked” is leaving for your competitor and you want to drown your sorrows with something that can replace the “lack of joy” surrounding your office and that heaviness in the pit of your stomach.

Do you see the theme here? You are reaching for that Sugar Crush to help you with not only turning up the endorphins, but to give you a moment to pause, and calm yourself down. To bring you back to your senses which in turn brings you back to your centre. To allow yourself a few moments to “enjoy” something that obviously gets you feeling even a bit better than any of those emotions listed above.

Well if you are trying to reduce your sugar intake and improve your gut health, or overall health, start here.

By knowing what feelings will typically lead you down the dark path to another Sugar Crush overload you will have completed the first step of increasing your self-awareness.

The next step is finding alternatives to your Sugar Crush, that will deliver you to the same place of bringing you some enjoyment.

So, which of these emotions typically have you reaching for your Sugar Crush? Is it just one or two of them? Or do you find yourself handling each of these emotions all the same - with your Sugar Crush?

About the Author

Paige Challoner has been helping corporate women with their digestive struggles for over 15 years. It was through her own health and digestion struggles that she found the greatest benefits and results came by working with a variety of healing therapies and tools. Since experiencing the value of a whole mind-body approach to inner healing, her mission has been to share her learnings and provide simple, holistic programs and tools to assist other corporate women on their journeys to better digestive health.

She is so excited to be offering this step by step program to help with your digestive health: 3 Steps to Breaking Up with Your Sugar Crush! With minimal extra time, you can stop eating your stress and frustrations, and not worry about how to ditch those sugar cravings!

3 Steps to Breaking Up with Your Sugar Crush Program.

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