Breaking Up with Your Sugar Crush Blog Post


What is your Sugar Crush’s Numbers,

& Why do you NEED to Know Them?

When your schedule is filled with project deadlines, meetings and endless emails, it’s no wonder that other things get lower on your list of priorities.

Such as taking a closer look at how much sugar is in your morning coffee order or those afternoon snacks you shoved into your lunch for that late afternoon “pick me up”.

If there was one simple thing that you could do to make a positive change for your body and overall health, this would be it! Knowing how much sugar is in your Sugar Crush will help you to make a better alternative choice in replacement.

Take for example a reduction of just 10 grams of added sugars in your daily Sugar Crush item. This would result in 70 less grams of added sugars consumed in a week, or 3,640 grams in one year! That’s 3.64 Kilograms or 8.19 pounds of sugar a year!! Just with one simple daily choice!

If you don’t know your Sugar Crush’s added sugar numbers - how can you know how much added sugar you are actually consuming with this daily choice?

And how can you know what alternatives would be a healthier choice, even if it’s only 10 grams less in sugars?

Don’t wait any longer to figure out your Sugar Crush’s added sugar numbers, so you can get onto a healthier track now. Start by checking your Sugar Crush’s nutritional labels for total sugar content. And be sure to look at the ingredient list for sugars and when they show up on the list. The closer an ingredient is listed to the top, the greater the amount of that item.

Also, you will want to take a mental note for dairy products and fruits, which will have naturally occurring sugars. And even though these types of sugars don’t need to be counted as part of your daily recommended amount of added sugars, it is good to note how much of these you are including in your Sugar Crush choices so that you can compare them when finding alternative healthier choices.

Just think, you can start to become healthier with this one simple change in your daily Sugar Crush choice.

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3 Steps to Breaking Up with your Sugar Crush Program

Curb Sugar Cravings!

Stop the Mindless Sugar Binges!

And Break Up with Sugar for GOOD!

Without the Rebound!

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