The Sugar BEAT Digest


Part 1:

Is Your Need to CONTROL Creating Digestive Troubles?

Are you an ultimate control freak? Do you have every area of your life meticulously labelled, scheduled and organized? Perhaps you are always planning three or more steps ahead for both yourself, and others around you; making sure that all the bases are covered and any alternative plans are also readily available - in case the first one, or second doesn’t pan out.

There are many ways that controlling tendencies can be overdone. You might be controlling your every move and action, controlling what you say and when you say it, or controlling others around you with what they do, when and how they do it and absolutely it must fit into your plans or you might have to do it yourself.

When you find yourself steering things to where you think they need to be, you’re discounting all of the other possibilities and ways that things can show up.

You have limited yourself and your awareness for anything else that doesn’t match how you already decided that it must all look like, or be like.

By constantly controlling things and moving them into place, rather than allowing them to flow or asking questions and being open to receiving new ways to do things, you are limiting yourself and most likely causing more stress and anxiety both in your world and your body.

So where would this mostly like show up in your body?

The most likely place is the colon or large intestine. In Eastern Medicine this organ has the natural consciousness of releasing things and letting them go. If you think of its physical function (or Western Medicine perspective), it collects waste, and eventually “let’s go” all of the junk.

Control issues can manifest in the colon as constipation or not pooping every day. When upset with feeling overwhelmed and out of control, the bowels can go the opposite direction and be running right through you with explosive diarrhea.

Remember, your body is smart and how you feel

- unsettled without having control of things,

-or fearful and scared to “let it go”,

-or overwhelmed and spinning chaotically with no control

these feelings left unchecked repeatedly will create the imbalances to your elimination of waste.

Take a look at your body’s own elimination habits (chronic constipation, back and forth to constipated and diarrhea etc.) and notice how it relates to your need to control things.

Acknowledging any control problems is the first step in changing it.

Click HERE for Part 2: “Letting Go” of your Need to Control to Improve Digestion.

With 3 things you can easily do next to change this.

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